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My Science Project

Hey guys! Its been a while… Well, I’m back! Today’s blog post is about the science project my class did (P.S people are still working on it while I’m making this blog post.). We had to make a structure and… Continue Reading →

Otters, Endangered Species


My short story (If you haven’t read harry potter this will make no sense.)

        Just desert Orange and pink colours swirled in the sky as the sun set on another Friday evening. It was a vision of beauty in an otherwise terrible time. Dolores has invited Minerva Mcgonagall and Albus Dumbledore, three weeks before… Continue Reading →

Solar energy (Innovation project)

Hey guys! It’s your pal, Maya. Today I will be talking about my innovation project which is solar energy themed. When we are making this project, our goal is to figure out a way of how to use solar panels… Continue Reading →

My mosaic

Hey guys!!! It’s Maya! Hoping you’re doing great! Today’s post is all about my mosaic (I made in art…) Incase you don’t know what a mosaic is, it’s a kind of art were different shapes come together to make a… Continue Reading →

Passe compose story

Mes vacance au Mexique Bonjour, aujourd’hui j’ai fait  une présentation sur mes vacances au Mexique. Au Mexique j’ai eu des moments magnifiques, J’ai été à Cancun au Mexique. Pendant mes vacances, il y a eu un parc aquatique vraiment amusant…. Continue Reading →

My Matter Project (Plastic Pollution)

Hey guys! I hope your all doing well, Today’s post is all about my matter project about plastic pollution,   during the making a project, me and callie’s goal was to make a commercial about plastic pollution and how its harming… Continue Reading →

Scientists in school (well, online school…)

Hi! How are you? I hope you’re staying safe! Today’s post is all about scientists in the school, this means I will be talking about the time we were in a meeting with a professional scientist during our science time,… Continue Reading →

My favorite thing in hebrew (in online school)

Hey! How are you doing? I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today’s post is all about my favorite thing we did in hebrew since online school happened. Alright, my favorite thing was when we got to make our… Continue Reading →

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