My Genius Hour

Earlier this year my class has watched this amazing video, the video was about this one kid who was into video games, he made his own arcade, made out of cardboard! He started with one customer, then he was on news, he had so many customers (maybe over a hundred!) After we stopped watching the […]


Hey guys! Welcome back to Maya’s blog! Today’s post is all about “art”. Hope you enjoy it! Art has been a part of my passion ever since I was little ( Probably two years old ). When I started drawing people, I drew them without hands or necks, and I remember making the shoes just […]

Advice for Auggie

Dear Auggie,   I am sorry for what happened at halloween. I will be very happy if you change your mind about not coming to school . I will advise you on the situation between yourself and Jack Will. Here are some reasons (on my opinion)  why you should come back to school :   […]

Mickey mouse

Mickey mouse is awesome! I love mickey mouse, maybe a bit obsessed. Mickey mouse has been made over 90 years ago, and it made many peoples childhood very happy, it’s making my childhood happy.So many people in this world have seen Mickey mouse’s cartoon. I just got Disney + and there are so so so […]

Response to article

My opinion on mask wearing is that it is not fun. Mask wearing is not fun because they are “hot”, “uncomfortable”, and they don’t let you breath. Sometimes I have to reuse an un-reusable face mask, and they end up hairy ( Not my hair, I mean a bit of the mask comes off , […]

The digestive system

Hi guys! I hope you will like this new post about the digestive system…… In class, I have been learning about the digestive system, the digestive system is the system in your body that turns the food you eat into poop. The organs in the digestive system are the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and the anus. Here are some […]

1970’s style

They’re are many different things that changed from the 80’s, the one I will be talking about today is how our “style” has changed. During the 70’s we wore really fun and wacky outfits! I know I wasn’t there but I think all they did was just choose something random without worrying about anything, or […]

Fun facts😜😆😂

Hey guys! Ready for some ” did you knows “? Did you know that it takes 20 minutes for an average ten year old kid to fall asleep? Did you know that some kind of turtles can breath through their buts ( Yeah, its actually true. )? Did you know the planet Venus spins backwards? […]