My short story (If you haven’t read harry potter this will make no sense.)

        Just desert

Orange and pink colours swirled in the sky as the sun set on another Friday evening. It was a vision of beauty in an otherwise terrible time. Dolores has invited Minerva Mcgonagall and Albus Dumbledore, three weeks before his death. Leading the way to the dinner table with the cotton full seats, decorated in bubblegum pink, next to the table, Umbridge has started talking over business..

“Oh- that Harry Potter already had dozens of detentions before the end of first term!” exclaimed Dolores, “He always disrupts my class!”

It’s alright, Dolores.” Said Dumbledore calmly, “Minerva is going to bake some pumpkin pie, Minerva?”

“I’m on it!”  said Mcgonagall, while walking to the kitchen.

Umbridge took a deep breath, while drinking her cup of tea, decorated by cats, “I’ve never met a student like Hermione, thinks she’s so smart.”


Away from that annoying women, Mcgonagall found herself at peace in calm kitchen. She glided to where the pumpkin pie was, still consumed by her thoughts not noticing the peculiar light. As she lowered her knife the pumpkin got brighter. 

The pumpkin shined like a crystal.

The more she tried, the harder it was. 

UGH!!! Shrieked Mcgonagall, ‘’ I can’t cut this stupid pumpkin!!!’’

Startled by Mcgonagall’s scream, Umbridge hopped to the kitchen.   

‘’Have you tried another knife?’’ asked Umbridge, 

‘’There are plenty more.’’

After a hour or so, Mcgonagall and Umbridge made no progress, they kept trying. Even Dumbledore tried, but still, no progress.


They tried and tried, hours and hours have passed, until they found, their sharpest, most deadly knife. 

They used it the hardest they can, but to their surprise, it broke.

The pumpkin was hard as rock.

They should have thought harder, until Umbridge finally realised,


‘’Wait a moment!’’ squeaked Umbridge 

‘’We are witches and wizards! We should use magic!


“Very good,” said Dumbledore, “Very good, Dolores.”


After a few more minutes of trying, it still did not cut.

They decided to bake something else, but all the food had that same bright shine, just like a diamond.


I few minutes later, they heard the doorbell, and Umbridge came to a little note in front of her front porch, saying :


I am lord Voldemort,

I set all your food impossible to eat or cut, 

You shall die of hunger, AND die of thirst,

You shall be punished for not joining the death eaters, 20 years ago.


Umbridge choked, then read out loud to Mcgonagall and Dumbledore, but they could hardly understand through her squeaky voice .


 They ran as fast as cheetahs to go check if they’re water had the same, bright shine, and, it has.

And then they saw it, the cold, dark, white hand reaching for them. 

Voldemort tried to kill them, over and over again, the house was filled with the green light, the heard people screaming outside, but they couldn’t get in the house.

Their hairs at the back of their necks prickled, they were frightened. They knew there were dementors outside, Dumbledore was trying to fight Voldemort, but he wasn’t doing any good.


“DUMBLEDORE! DUMBLEDORE!,” Squeaked Umbridge,

“Take the hot pan, and hit him!”


Dumbledore took the burning pan and hit Voldemort like an animal.

Voldemort disapparated away.


“He will come back” Dumbledore whispered, trying to catch his breath

“That’s not what Voldemort would do.”

Mcgonagall and Umbridge squeaked at the sound of the name.


They started cleaning up the terrible mess they had made, and they tested the food, and they could cut it again!


As evening sore by, Umbridge was leading Mcgonagall and Dumbledore out the door, but wait, they couldn’t open the door.

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