What life will be like in 2057

Hi! It’s me, Maya …

It’s been a while since I posted, so here I am!

Today’s subject is “What I think life will be like in 2057”

This subject is how I imagine our future during that time.


Every once in a while, people think of a new, more evolved machine. Like mobile devices, jacuzzis, and even fridges. I have a fridge at home with a tablet on it, it’s really cool, you can put calendars on it, shopping lists, it seems very cool now, but soon people will think of a new invention.

So I think in 2057 we will have so many new cool inventions.


I think in 2057 mosquitos will be extinct, because everybody is killing them, soon, there will be no more. Many people are trying to stop plastic pollution, which is awesome, but a lot of people are just ignoring it, so I think plastic pollution won’t be as bad as we think, but still pretty bad.


I think we will find faster transportation, like I said earlier, I think we will have more evolved machines, so I think things that take us to places, like cars, airplanes, bikes, and much more, will probably be faster than they are now.


Style is the one I’m most excited to talk about.

We remember the old 80’s styles, to us they look silly, but back then, they thought it was stylish.

I think that’s how that’s gonna happen, we think our styles are cool, but maybe in 2057, we will think our styles were wacky and silly80s Fashion - 80s Outfits and Inspiration - Ragstock


Schools are alright, but I think in the future, they will be much more easy.Outfit Ideas, Fashion Tips & Advice | Glamour

I think we will come up with some robots, that will help  the teachers teach.

We might have electronic desks, maybe electronic… everything.


I don’t know…. The future… we can never know.


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One thought on “What life will be like in 2057

  1. Hi Maya
    Good job. I thik you did a really good job discribing the future. I totally agree with you that there will be lots of electronic things. I think you did a great job.
    – Eliya

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