Creative Writing: No Hollywood + Acting = ?

Hello, my name is Leah, and I come from the Jones family.

I am currently fifteen years old and just moved to Mexico with my family. 

I don’t know why my family chose to move us there when we lived in FLORIDA. And by my family, I mean my parents. Me and my younger brother Dennise never wanted to leave! And Dennise is going through all this when he is just six years old! And I don’t know why they chose this place… because we are American, and we have no connection with any of the cultures that people celebrate there! I had to leave all my friends back in Florida just because of my parents, Maria is my mom, and Mike is my dad. I tried to tell them that we will not fit in, and we won’t like it, but they didn’t listen! They say that the beginning is hard, but I will eventually make friends. Yeah, like THAT is going to happen.


Whenever I am asked what I want to be when I grow up, the answer is always the same, an ACTOR. I find the art of acting interesting to talk about, and it would be very fun to maybe meet other actors that I’ve seen in movies. But ever since we moved to Mexico, I didn’t think it would be very possible to be a HOLLYWOOD actor. I also told my parents that if we move here, I wouldn’t be able to live my dreams, and my mom said that a lot of actors are very successful, but they don’t even live in America, and I found that hard to believe.


A few months into grade ten, and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be…

I have a few friends, Camila, Sofia, Carla, and Mariana. They are really my only friends because they are the ones that know English the most out of the entire grade. Yes, they still kind of have an accent, and sometimes some words are hard to understand under their accent, but they don’t mind repeating themselves, and that’s what I love about them.

It’s a little hard to learn a new language, but speaking Spanish was the best way to communicate and fit in a little more.


My art teacher, Mr. Hernandez, suggested that I would become a fashion designer, because in every art class, I would sketch little drawings of clothing that I think would be fun to wear.

I thought about it for a second… but I told him how I wanted to be an actor, and he told me that whatever job I get, he will support me.


I first considered becoming an actor when I was nine years old, and Dennise was only a few days old. We were watching the Titanic, and the movie made me super emotional, but I kept the tears in, because if I cried then Dennise would start crying, and that would be really hard for my parents. But when I tried to keep the tears in, it was surprisingly easy, a little TOO easy.

I quickly got really confused, and I was just curious to see if I could cry on command, but when I tried, It didn’t work. So later that day, I felt desperate to get the job done, and after watching one youtube video, it happened quickly, TOO quickly. I immediately told my parents what talent I discovered, I was so excited when I found out that acting was a job I could do, I was jumping around like a frog spotting five-hundred flies, excited as a mouse finally finding their cheese, I knew this was the job I was meant to do.


Now here I am, my dreams being crushed. I was walking alone from school, quite as a hawk, deeply into my thoughts, thinking what will I be when I grow up? Soon when I got home, as soon as I opened the door, my mom came dashing like a cheetah.

She reached me before I even got the chance to close the door. She was running so fast that I could feel the wind like a fan. She was excited about something, but what was it?

“I’ve found a list of celebrities that are SUPER popular, and don’t live in HOLLYWOOD!” she exclaimed. I’ve never seen her this excited since I’ve told her I made friends at school.

I started looking at the list, and I was pretty impressed. There was Shawn Mendes, who lives in Canada, and Tom Holland, who surprisingly lives in London.

I was immediately inspired, I looked up at my mom, and gave her a nice, gentle smile. After my mom saw my reaction, she smiled, a HUGE smile, you could almost see all of her teeth. She knew that this list would make me happy, she KNEW.

“Oh and I have ONE more surprise.” She said.

“Okay…” I replied.

She pulled me towards her room, her grip was as tight as a crab’s, what was the surprise?

She pushed me towards the door, but when I was about to reach it, she pulled my back. She looked relieved.

“Almost forgot” she said.

She pulled a blindfold out of her pocket and tied it around my head. I walked in the room and it was complete silence. She let go of my hand and walked away, I was just standing there because I didn’t want to bump into anything. I took off my blindfold and my family just started screaming, “CONGRATULATIONS!!”

I almost had a heart-attack, my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to pop.

My dad and my brother were holding a bright yellow poster, with big pink letters that spell “ACTRESS” I was confused at first, actress? What was going on?

“Huh?” was the only word that could escape my mouth and start flying through the air.

“You can become an actress!” my mom said.

OH MY GOSH! I almost forgot!


When I first told my mom that I wanted to be an actor, she told me, only when you are fifteen years old. I was very disappointed, but she wanted me to have a normal childhood.

The years just flew by, and I completely forgot. I took some acting classes back in Florida, but when we moved to Mexico, I thought it was just a huge waste of time and money.


“YES!” I yelled. Usually I never yelled often, but when I did, I would be punished. But my family just smiled.


“We got you an agent, you’re going to audition for a movie!” my brother exclaimed. He always loved movies, so when he found out that I MIGHT be in one, he went crazy.

“WAIT! When am I auditioning?” I asked

“In about two weeks.” my dad told me, finally getting the chance to say something.

“Great, that should be plenty of time to practice.” I said.


Two weeks later,

I’m at the audition, I knew I most likely would not get the part in my very first audition. When they called my name, “Leah Jones!”, I walked inside a small white room, filled with people, cameras, tables, and chairs. I started saying the lines, and actually felt pretty confident. But the people there showed no emotion, they didn’t look like they liked it, but not disliked it either.

“You may proceed outside the room. You will get your answer in about a week from now.” said the casting director. I didn’t know whether I should have been afraid of her, or to find her friendly…


One week later I saw her email, I was too afraid to look at it. After maybe about thirty minutes of hesitating, I finally opened it, but I even closed my eyes. 

“Leah, look!” That was my brother screaming. I didn’t even know he was there, but I wasn’t really surprised.


I slowly opened my eyes, and I SCREAMED. I GOT THE PART!


Now I look back to my past movies, I am now twenty years old, and I am known for my part in many movies. So let me ask you, what do YOU want to be when you grow up?

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