Reflection On My Science Project, My Circuit Game

Hey guys! It’s MJ!

Today’s post is all about my science project, my thoughts and feelings about it.


For our science project, we were told to create a game out of a pizza box using electricity. My partner was Lily, check out her blog. I decided to create the theme, and our game was don’t touch the wire. And your job was to deliver the cupcake to the unicorn.

Before we started the project I was very nervous. I knew almost nothing about electricity, and I was scared to see how it would work out. But when I started working with Lily, it started to look quite simple. When you first see it, it looks hard, but when you learn, it gets a lot easier.

I loved my project, but the one thing I could’ve done better, is the presentation. It wasn’t that bad, but I know it could have been much better… Next time I really have to connect with my partner, chat with them and see how we will present. I also think we should have checked the rubric as we went, we forgot to do that. But overall, it was pretty good…

Here is my video:




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