My model arm

Recently in science, we have made our own “model arm” . We used everyday tools to create a wonderful project that can move just like a regular arm. We followed some easy instructions to make it, after that, we could move the arm like a regular one. Here is little video of how to make it and what […]

Teaching math to younger grades

Hi! It’s Maya, hoping you are staying safe! Today’s post is about teaching the younger grades about my MASTER topic in math (This just means to choose what I’m really good at math and teach it to younger grades. ) .  My MASTER topic in math is my tens times tables. In the video below, […]

Robots & Donuts

Hi! It’s Maya, hoping you are having a wonderful day! Today’s post is all about what we are currently doing in ART. We are making a fun and fascinating project called ROBOTS & DONUTS. Before we got started, we learned about Eric Joyner. Eric joyner was the creator of the art Robots & Donuts. At first, he […]